Transform Your Rooms With Wall Murals

Tired of boring walls? Want to transform your home in a simple and affordable way? Interior wall murals can be just the thing you need. Whether you want to decorate your child’s bedroom, add an elegant focal point to the living room, or add some accent to your dining room, wall murals can truly transform your residential or commercial space.

Wall Murals For Homes

Wall murals are a simple and stylish way to update your home. We have a wide array of options, including a variety of colors, styles, designs, and stencils. Whether you want to add some personality to your child’s room or give a personal touch to your dining room, we have a variety of high-quality murals to meet your unique needs. Past clients have installed our wall murals in living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, home offices, nurseries, gyms, and other unique places.

Wall Murals For Commercial Spaces

From contemporary to rustic, Blue Eco has the perfect solution for your commercial walls — wall murals. Our wall murals are made using high-quality materials that rival the beauty and elegance of any designer wall paint or wallpaper. If you have a new restaurant, museum, retail store, cafe, or some other commercial space that needs to be updated, contact us to learn more about our wall murals and coatings.

Wall Murals For Restaurants

Wall Murals For Hotels

Wall Murals For Theaters

When you choose to install a wall mural with our innovative wall coating — diatomite — you will also get unrivaled functionality and performance out of your walls. For example, if soy sauce, tea, or some other type of water-soluble or oil-based stain gets onto your diatomite-coated wall, the stain will disappear over time. This self-cleaning capability makes it great for any restaurant or commercial space. Learn more about the benefits of diatomite and how it works.

Stencils And Custom Logos

Want to have your company logo turned into a wall mural? We’ve got you covered! Need stencils to accent your living room walls? We can handle it! Contact our team today to discuss the specifics of your custom logo or stencil.

What Makes Blue Eco Wall Murals Different?

Three things: quality, variety, and innovation.


We take immense pride in our wall murals. With each wall mural that we create, we strive to make it exactly to your standards and requirements. Not only do we aim for perfection and absolute quality in our installation, but also all of our materials are high-quality and eco-friendly.


Looking to improve your room’s feng shui with an Asian-style wall mural? Want to create a European-style focal point for your living room? Blue Eco has a mural for you! We have a wide selection of stencils, designs, styles, and aesthetics. On top of this, we can complete murals that have the type of custom details and uniformity that is unmatched by conventional wallpaper murals.


Our wall murals are made using an innovative and advanced wall coating known as diatomite. This new paint alternative not only looks great, but it is also remarkably functional. When compared to regular designer wall paint, diatomite offers superior humidity control, odor elimination, fireproofing, mold prevention, energy savings, and it cleans itself — you read that right, diatomite has a self-cleaning capability. It inhales the stain and removed it in the process of controlling the humidity. Learn more about the powerful features of diatomite.