At BlueEco, we take immense pride in offering unique and powerful wall coating products, including diatomite powder coatings, water coatings, and more. Our powder coatings are a new and dynamic type of interior wall paint that utilizes effective microorganisms and diatomite to enrich your walls and keep your family healthy and safe. Benefits of BlueEco products include:

Humidity Control

Our wall coatings are engineered to control humidity and create a comfortable living environment year-round.

Odor Elimination

BlueEco wall coatings eliminate odors, deodorizing the room and ridding your home of unpleasant smells.


Composed of silica, diatomite powder coatings retard flames, protecting your home from fire dangers.

Self Cleaning

Stains are no match against diatomite, which can eliminate any stain within six months on its own, with no help from you.

Sound Proofing

Ideal for home theatre systems, the fine pores in BlueEco wall coatings are extremely sound absorbent, functioning as a soundproof paint that keeps your home quiet and comfortable.

Energy Saving

Diatomite wall coatings are helpful with insulation, as its outer layer gives it protection against external temperatures, reducing your energy bills.

Bed Bug Control

Our versatile wall coatings naturally destroy the waxy shells of bed bugs, reducing and often even eliminating any bed bug population.

Mold Prevention

Prevent mold accumulation in your home or place of business with our diatomite powder coatings and wall products that absorb and release excess moisture in the air.

Energy Saving

As diatomite has an aerial layer, it is minimally affected by external temperatures, working as an ultra-efficient interior paint that helps save on heating and cooling costs both in summer and winter.

Have questions? Reach out to us today to find out more about the benefits of BlueEco products. We are Canada’s one and only distributor of BlueEco diatomite powder coatings and wall coatings. We look forward to speaking with you.